8 best food and grocery delivery apps in Germany in 2022

  • December 15, 2022


If you’re living in Germany and are looking for some new ways to get your groceries delivered, then we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve found the best apps for getting food and groceries to your door. Whether it’s making sure that you get everything on your grocery list or just needing something delivered right away, these apps can help out!


Lieferando is a German online food delivery service. Founded in 2013, it’s one of the most popular food and grocery delivery apps in Germany.

In addition to its app store (which you can install for free), Lieferando also has an integrated website where you can order from your desktop or mobile device. You’ll have access to all of their services with just one login—they don’t require any membership fees or sign-ups like other platforms do.

When it comes time for dinner, choose from over 2 million products from over 400 stores across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!


Deliveroo is a food delivery app that’s available in many countries, including Germany. It offers delivery from over 100 restaurants in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. The company’s menu includes everything from sushi to Thai cuisine to falafel sandwiches.

Deliveroo also has an interesting feature where you can order via the app or website and then pay by card or PayPal when your food arrives at your door—no need to wait for someone else’s schedule!

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service, similar to Amazon Prime Now. It’s available in Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt.

The app lets you order fresh groceries from your favorite brands such as O’Dell, Natura, and Belcoro (to name a few) directly through the app or on a mobile or desktop computer without having to leave home or stand in line at the supermarket.

You can also order non-perishable goods like toilet paper, diapers, and pet food via Amazon Fresh’s website at www.amazonfresh.de/shop/.


Foodora is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Germany, but it’s not available in every city. In fact, only Berlin and Dusseldorf have access to the brand-new iPhone app. The Android version will be available soon on Google Play and Apple iOS devices.

Foodora also has an app for Windows Phone (version 2.1 or higher) users who don’t have an iPhone or Android device yet can still use this service via their BlackBerry smartphone!

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery app that allows you to order food from restaurants around you. It’s available in over 400 cities across the globe, including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

It has become one of the most popular apps among users in Germany because it offers an easy way to order groceries online without having to go into stores or worry about waiting in line at your favorite restaurant. You can also use it as an alternative when eating out with friends or family members who don’t like eating out as much as you do!


Pizza.de is a German online pizza delivery service that delivers all over the country and has over 20,000 restaurants in its database. They have a wide variety of specialty pizzas and offer all the usual toppings like cheese and pepperoni, as well as some more unusual ones such as shrimp or bacon.

Pizza.de also offers loyalty programs where you can earn points when ordering from them (and then redeem those points at other retailers). This can be used to get discounts on your next order!


Lieferheld is a German food delivery service that has been around since 2010. The company offers a wide range of food options, including freshly baked bread, fresh pasta, and fish. You can order from Lieferheld via their app or website.

Lieferheld has two other major competitors in Germany: Foodora and Deliveroo. However, it’s still considered one of the best local options when it comes to ordering groceries online—particularly because they offer more than just food items!

Hello Fresh

Hello, Fresh is a food delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door. The company offers a variety of meal plans, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Hello, Fresh has partnered with top chefs to produce amazing recipes that are suited for every palate—and they’re delivered right to your door!


In the future, we hope that more companies will develop and offer delivery services in Germany. It’s clear that there is a huge demand for these services. And if you have an idea of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always happy to talk with new entrepreneurs and share our experiences with them.